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The Veil The Veil The Veil
Second Sight Second Sight Second Sight
The Talented Tenth The Talented Tenth The Talented Tenth
City of a Hundred Hills City of a Hundred Hills City of a Hundred Hills

Souls Within the Veil

The latest double-CD release from Craig Harris.

Track listing:

1. The Veil (9:46) featuring Steve Coleman & Don Byron.
7. Double Consciousness (5:27) featuring Don Byron.
8. The Talented Tenth (10:15) featuring Graham Haynes, Steve Coleman & Craig
9. Seldom a Word (4:32) featuring Hamiet Bluiett.
10. TestiMoan Tro 2 (4:36) featuring Hamiet Bluiett.
11. More Ancient Than Words (13:16featuring Craig Harris, Kahil Zabar, Graham Haynes & Don
12. TestiMoan Tro 3 (5:04) featuring Steve Coleman.
13. City of a Hundred Hills (12:32) featuring Steve Coleman, Hugh Ragin & Cecil McBee.
14. A Tale Twice Told (2:01) featuring Craig Harris.
2. The Color Line (16:42) featuring Billy Hart, Kahil Zabar, Graham Haynes, Steve Coleman, Craig Harris & Oliver Lake.
3. The Strange Land of Shadows (3:26) Ensemble
4. Second Sight (5:03) featuring Graham Haynes & Hugh Ragin.
5. TestiMoan Tro 1 (3:57) featuring Craig Harris.
6. Bone of the Bone & Flesh of the Flesh (11:05) featuring Hamiet Bluiett.
Hamiet BluiettBaritone Sax
Don ByronClarinets
Steve ColemanAlto Sax
Craig HarrisTrombone & Didjeridoo
Kahil “El” ZabarPercussion
Graham HaynesCoronet
Billy HartDrums
Oliver LakeAlto Sax
Cecil McBeeBass
Hugh RaginTrumpet