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“Souls Within the Veil”
Track Listing:
Craig Harris on Du Bois: “Souls Within the Veil” was composed to commemorate the centennial
of W.E.B. Du Bois’ The Souls of Black Folk. After one hundred years the book sets a high standard for those who aspire to compose, regardless of the medium in which they choose to express themselves. The compositional craft displayed by Du Bois has inspired me to compose a musical score which attempts to capture his timeless social commentary, where he melds the experience of an enslaved people and the English language into a state of Double Consciousness, modulating between social issues of the past-present. Examining the text through the lens of its final chapter, I present a work composed for ten souls using ten timeless Veils. They combine improvisiation and composition to the place where they become one. That state of Double Consciousness is where I navigate harmonically, rhythmically, and melodically not only within the shadows of the Veil but within a contiuum that predates the Veil by centuries. It is a music Du Bois refers to as “the most beautiful expressions born this side of the seas.”
—Craig Harris
Hamiet BluiettBaritone Sax
Don ByronClarinets
Steve Coleman Alto Sax
Craig HarrisTrombone & Didjeridoo
Kahil “El” ZabarPercussion
Graham HaynesCoronet
Billy HartDrums
Oliver LakeAlto Sax
Cecil McBeeBass
Hugh RaginTrumpet
Recorded at Spivey Hall during the National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta,
GA. July 20, 2003
1. The Veil (9:46)
featuring Steve Coleman & Don Byron.
2. The Color Line (16:42)
featuring Billy Hart, Kahil Zabar, Graham Haynes, Steve Coleman, Craig Harris & Oliver Lake.
3. The Strange Land of Shadows
4. Second Sight (5:03)
featuring Graham Haynes & Hugh Ragin.
5. TestiMoan Tro 1 (3:57)
featuring Craig Harris.
6. Bone of the Bone & Flesh of the Flesh (11:05)
featuring Hamiet Bluiett.
7. Double Consciousness (5:27)
featuring Don Byron.
8. The Talented Tenth (10:15)
featuring Graham Haynes, Steve Coleman & Craig Harris.
9. Seldom a Word (4:32)
featuring Hamiet Bluiett.
10. TestiMoan Tro 2 (4:36)
featuring Hamiet Bluiett.
11. More Ancient Than Words (13:16)
featuring Craig Harris, Kahil Zabar, Graham Haynes & Don Byron.
12. TestiMoan Tro 3 (5:04)
featuring Steve Coleman.
13. City of a Hundred Hills (12:32)
featuring Steve Coleman, Hugh Ragin & Cecil McBee.
14. A Tale Twice Told (2:01)
featuring Craig Harris.